Always Hire An Electrical Contractor For These Four Projects

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Most homeowners love to take up DIY projects in their free time. It’s a good use of time as well as gets work done around the property.

However, electrical projects should never be attempted by people who lack experience. It’s because electrical power is extremely dangerous and the wiring and equipment, too complicated.

An amateur job can result in poor connections, faulty grounding, and overloaded circuits. Licensed electrical contractors undergo extensive training before they can provide services.

This is why it’s better to call a professional for the following projects:

1. Circuit breaker upgrades

Circuit panels provide electricity to the entire property. Sometimes when you upgrade appliances, you also need to upgrade these panels to ensure adequate supply.

Moreover, old breaker boxes can result in flickering lights, blown fuses and other problems. You should hire an electrician if you’re expanding your property, adding new electrical equipment, or if the connections are old and acting up.

The work is complicated and requires expertise to have it done right the first time around.

2. Adding USB ports, outlets and GFCI receptacles

Electricians can install additional outlets and convert existing ones into GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupter).

The electrical code often requires one outlet at the minimum to be a GFCI outlet in bathroom and kitchens. These are designed to shut off power when water comes in contact with electricity.

Since several old properties are not equipped with GFCI outlets, it’s a good idea to call an electrician and get them installed. This requires cutting wires into the wall; never attempt it on your own!

Also, if you need more charging space, convert an outlet into one with USB ports!

3. Replacing light fixtures

You’d think you can replace all light fixtures on your own, but that simply isn’t true.

Check the amperage and wattage first. If the circuit doesn’t offer enough amperage for the new fixture, you’ll need a wire run for it to work.

Always hire an electrician for such tasks. We can also help you with high temperature insulation which is absent in older homes.

4. Outdoor lighting

Whether you want to install ambient or security lights, we can help ensure it’s done correctly. It’s necessary to hire an electrician if you need to thread wiring to the outside.

We will make sure the wiring is properly grounded and even help you choose rated lighting for outdoors. These can withstand most weather elements and provide service for longer.

Aside from these projects, you can call our electricians in Gainesville, FL, for several other electrical jobs. Give a call to 352-222-2434 for any electrical job you’re not comfortable doing on your own.

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