A Short Guide To Types Of Light Bulbs

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Ever heard of Type A, Type B or Type S light bulbs? If you own a residential or commercial property, you should have an idea of what these types refer too.

These categories refer to the shape and size of a light bulb and the mount that is needed for the fixture. There are several subsets, usually based on length.

Also, you can purchase adapters to fit a type of light bulb into another type of mount. But it’s better to purchase the right type on the first go.

Here’s a brief overview of these categories to help you find the right fixtures:

  • Type A bulbs: You’re probably most familiar with this type of light bulb. These roundish bulbs go back to the time of Edison, displaying a wide mount on the bottom

Whether CFL, incandescent or LED, most bulbs employ this mount.

  • Type B bulbs: This is the slimmer version of Type A mounts, with a narrow bulb shaped like a flame. These are prominently used for decorative purposes, particularly in candelabra-style lighting fixtures.

  • Type S bulbs: This category refers to shorter, rounder bulbs instead of the type of mounts. They can use the mounts of Type A and Type B bulbs.
  • Type PS bulbs: This category also refers to the shape of the bulb. These are pear-shaped, featuring a rounded, slight oblong end. They’re similar to Type A bulbs, except for their longer necks.
  • Type MR light bulb: These are often halogen-style light bulbs that can plug into sockets using two prongs. These are mainly used in kitchen setting, but may be used for several other purposes.

What’s the deal with these categories, anyway?

There are a lot more categories of light bulbs than those featured here. The mounts are not strictly limited.

While all Type A bulbs have screw mounts and Type B bulbs have smaller mounts, other bulb types can also use Type A and B mounts.

However, it can cause problems in some cases if you’re not careful about its compatibility. Moreover, these bulbs will provide higher efficiency if they’re paired with the right mount.

The bottom line

If you’re getting new fixtures, it’s a good idea to consult an electrical contractor first. We can help you find the right bulb and mount for your residential or commercial application.

It will save you both, time and money, especially if you’re redecorating the interiors. Investing in good and efficient lighting is always the better choice!

Contact us right away to avail our range of electrical services. We provide electrical services throughout Ocala, for both residential and commercial electrical systems.

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