Should You Choose To Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

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Your home’s curb appeal extends to so much more than just a beautiful yard—we’re talking unique roofing, stylish doors, and one thing that is now gaining immense popularity in modern home décor—landscape lighting.

Strategically placed, these fixtures help illuminate the landscape, throwing light to your hard work. Why let the nightfall hide what you’ve spent months achieving!

These lights can further highlight the architectural features, and draw attention trees and plantation. Of course, this is an investment you need to plan properly. So, here are a few fun facts that will help you decide!

Low voltage lighting

Most landscape lighting options today are low voltage systems. Unlike 120 Volts fixtures, these lighting options are less costly to install.

While these low voltage lights only receive one-tenth of the power, they can achieve multitudes of effects with a step-down transformer. You can use it to create ethereal moonlight effect beaming down a tree’s canopy or add a subtle glow to wash over the garden wall.


What makes a low voltage system?

It typically relies on your house’s stepped-down power. It consists of:

  1. Transformer:It reduces 120 Volts current received from the household to 21 Volts current.
  2. Bulb:It determines the light’s color, brightness, beam width and electricity usage.
  3. Stake:It holds the fixture in place.
  4. Fixture housing:It protects the bulb as well as help shape the light beam.
  5. Cable:It carries the current to light the fixture’s lead wires.

Should you opt? 

If you want to beautify your house’s outdoor space, then you should get the landscape lighting installed.

  • It provides an energy efficient lighting option, offering better illumination compared to 120 Volts lighting. These systems use 12 volts bulbs with as much 50% better efficacy than the usual bulbs.
  • Greater selection is offered with most effective low voltage lamps ranging from 10 and 35 watts of power. These lights give the electrical service provider a greater flexibility to work with design, maintaining an overall energy efficient lighting.
  • These systems are designed to offer better control via the use of timers and photocells. They can be set to operate only for a limited amount of time, rather than working all night long.
  • You can acquire better aesthetics, with a potential to transform the nighttime experience around your home.

Make sure you opt for an experienced electrical contractor in Gainesville, FL. We offer our expert electrical services for all residential needs. Call us today to get the low voltage landscape lighting installed.

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