Common Commercial Lighting Problems to Look Out For

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Let’s say your employees are in the middle of a very important task when the lights go off. For employees working in high risk environment, this can be a security threat.

Commercial lighting is essential for the safety and security of a business’s property, employees and customers.

Here are a few more commercial lighting problems that a business must look out for.

Bulbs burning out at a high rate

Light bulbs burning out at a high rate are a common problem in many businesses and homes today. If the problem is with just one fixture of your commercial facility or home, it may be because you are using the wrong type of bulb for that particular application.

Otherwise, you can always call a professional for help.

Inconsistencies in brightness or popping bulbs

A bad connection in the circuit or incorrect installation of the wiring can cause inconsistencies in the brightness of your light bulbs. This is why some may be dim, while others may be extra bright.

Even bulbs popping when you turn on the light every time signal a problem within your electrical wiring. This can damage lighting and other electrical equipment. Thus, you must immediately call a professional electrician for help.

Light pollution

The main aim of every lighting fixture is to offer a clear vision for the residents, employees, or visitors. So, improperly placed lighting or even too much lighting in a particular area can make it extremely difficult for people to see.

Therefore, installing the right type of lighting and placing the light fixtures in correct location is important to prevent light pollution.

If you are having outdoor lights installed, make sure that they do not shine directly into someone’s property or on the road, obstructing the vision of drivers. To avoid this, you can install them with glare guards.

Adding intrusive amounts of lighting

Remember, the purpose of outdoor lighting is to assist people find entrances or navigate walkways. It also helps highlight important points such as a sign or board placed for the advertisement of your business.

If the current lighting fixtures are serving their purpose well, you must not add more fixtures to them, otherwise, outdoor lighting can easily overtake your entire property.

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