Bright Ideas for Better and Brighter Outdoor Lighting

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Snuggled in a cozy blanket, with your feet up on the sofa; a cup of strong coffee in one hand and a good read in the other. The fireplace is keeping you warm.

The only thing that matters to you at this moment is what’s about to happen next as you turn the fold…

Cutting your secluded escape to a fantasied boulevard short, is a strange noise outside in the yard. You lazily peak through the window, throwing off your outstretched hand to slide the curtains aside. It’s too dark out there. You can’t see anything.

Thinking it could be a cat searching through the trash bin, you decide not to make your move.

But someone might have already made theirs.

Yes, we’re talking about intruders.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer in winter, with people rushing to their homes early (some don’t even get out) – the later hours of the dripping sands of time get ghostlier than ever. And that is what presents burglars with the perfect opportunity to size a house and try to break in.


There is something that deters intruders from trespassing on a property, and that something is light.

When intruders try to blanket themselves in the darkness of winter, it’s light that exposes them. Therefore, bright outdoor lighting is a must in winters for every homeowner. The use of the word ‘bright’ in here not only implies in literal sense – you need to install your outdoor lighting in such a way that it actually makes your home safer.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of bright ideas for better and brighter outdoor lighting.

Install your outdoor lights on a reasonable height

Mounting your outdoor light fixtures at a reasonable height not only improves area illumination but also makes it difficult for trespassers who might try to dismantle your lights.

Always use bulbs that are designed for outdoor use

Not all bulbs are built the same. Some are designed for indoor use while others for outdoor use. The ones designed for outdoor are better able to withstand the damp and moist conditions. They are less likely to go out.

Use bulbs that operate at cooler color temperatures

Every bulb has its own range of operating color temperature. You have bulbs that glow in warmer colors and bulbs that operate at cooler color temperatures, such as ‘daylight’. Use the latter category of bulbs in your outdoor lighting fixtures. They provide brighter illumination.

Install enclosed lighting fixtures

Enclosed lighting fixtures prevent intruders from unscrewing the bulb, making sure that the area outside your house remains brightly lit.

Keep the wires well insulated and cover them with weather protective sleeves

Your outdoor lighting fixtures are only as safe as the wires that provide them with power. Keep the wires insulated and covered with weather protective sleeves to make sure they are not easily tampered with, and do not experience weather-related failure.

When planning provisions and deployment for your outdoor lighting, make sure you factor in these pointers. You never know what might happen next at the turn of the fold.

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